About Raleigh Area Concerts of Prayer

Serving the greater Raleigh area for more than 30 years, RACOP exists to pioneer and support expressions of united prayer both in the church and in the city. 

Who We Are

RACOP is a network of prayer leaders, churches, pastors and individuals committed to praying for the Raleigh area.

Our Mission

To serve and to united the body of Christ and the city of Raleigh through prayer.

What We Do

Host annual, quarterly, and monthly united prayer, bringing together believers from every background.

Meet Don Rayno

Don Rayno


A Faithful Servent

Don Rayno and his wife Cindy, have led the Raleigh Area Concerts of Prayer for more than 30 years. Starting as a nuclear chemists at NC State University, Don experienced a life altering call of God just shortly after his college years. It was at the age of 28 that he surrendered to a new dream and began to pursue a life of full time prayer ministry. Another national pioneer of prayer, David Bryant, began to walk along side Don in his labor to build prayer in the Raleigh Area. 

Encouraged by the National Concerts of Prayer Movement, Don set his face to serve and dream with God for what he wanted to do in Raleigh. It was not long until found himself in a role, that he many who know him would say, he never desired. Leading hundreds of Churches and pastors in prayer, God placed Don in a place he could have never got on his own, and many half-jokingly began to refer to him as the Bishop of Raleigh. With a network of more than 400 churches…

Don carries a supernatural grace to be able to connect people from every background around the common place of prayer. His passion for Jesus and truth is contagious and it is evident that the grace of God has carried him to this point. But God, in his wisdom, set his hand upon a man of great humility, called for such a time as this, and has used him to impact thousands of people in the Raleigh area. Through hidden efforts of organization and planning, Don has woven the common thread of prayer through the hearts and communities of our city and impacted Raleigh in a way that we may never understand this side of heaven. 
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